Article types and Templates

Types of Articles

  • Research articles

Academic reports of original research that have never been published elsewhere in any languages. Manuscripts, where appropriate, should contain the following sections in the order: Title, Authors, Author affiliations, Email address of corresponding authors, Abstract, Keywords, Nomenclature (if any), Introduction, Experiment, Theory, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Conflict of Interest, Acknowledgments (if any), References, Appendix (if any). Pre-published are to be formatted according to Templates (MS-Word version).  (link to download template; Click here )

  • Review articles

In addition to invited reviews, literature reviews, systematic reviews, and critical reviews will be accepted for consideration. The manuscript should be composed and organized according to the required sequence: Titles, Author names, Affiliations, Email addresses, Abstract, Keywords, Main text, Conclusion, Conflict of Interest, Acknowledgments (if any), References. Although, the main text structure may vary based on the review subtopics, the articles should be formatted according to suitable Templates as research articles.  (link to download template; Click here)